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An Evening of Gratitude So Hum Cacao with Nichole Farro


6-8 pm

Cost $ 40

Registration Link

Give yourself the gift of heart-opening medicine! We invite you to learn more about pure cacao, the real health benefits and why it nourishes our body, mind and soul. Enjoy some time in sound meditation practice to feel pure bliss. Presented by local artisan Nichole Farro, founder and creator of So Hum Cacao.

Sound Bath Meditation with Fawntice Finesse with Fawntice Finesse




Registration Link

During you Sound Bath Meditation, antique Tibetan singing bowls, bells, gong and other sacred instruments are mindfully played by certified sound healer, Fawntice Finesse.  Enveloping you in healing sound vibrations, modern science has proven that the body’s nervous system responds to healing sound vibration by inducing the relaxation response and meditative mind.  Enjoy.